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"Dream Zone is an excellent read. The stories were exciting and kept me wanting to read more and more. I loved how she made a difference in the lives of the people she encountered. We can all learn a thing or two from what Janise experienced."

Friday, July 9, 2010

DREAM ZONE Excerpt - Chapter 26

I wake up to a loud clacking sound. I open my eyes to see a very colorful bird watching from a tree approximately 50 feet away. I look around and think to myself, “You’re not in Terra anymore.” I sit up and fan my arms to let the bird know I am alive. I’m not sure if it a vulture or not. It reminds me of the bird that promoted a cereal long ago. A toucan I believe they’re called. The bird doesn’t move. Fine. Stay there. I’m going to look around. I stand up and take in my surrounding. It is breathtaking. I am now on a beach somewhere. Palm trees galore and sand for miles. I actually get excited and start to run down the beach giggling. I’ve always loved the tropics. I had told myself when I retire it would be somewhere with lots of palm trees. The sun is high in the sky and I began to thirst. In the short time I’ve been awake I hadn’t noticed any houses or huts or dwelling of any type. I had walked about ½ mile in both directions, staying close to shore in case a boat came by. I am unsure if I should scream out to bring attention to myself. I don’t want to drink water out of the sea. From watching a popular reality TV show, I know you are supposed to boil it first. I wonder how much of that show could help me now.

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