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"Dream Zone is an excellent read. The stories were exciting and kept me wanting to read more and more. I loved how she made a difference in the lives of the people she encountered. We can all learn a thing or two from what Janise experienced."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

DREAM ZONE Excerpt - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Janise could feel soft lips kissing her and began to kiss back when she finally started to wake up and opened her eyes, … to Randy! She blew out and said, “Yuck! What are you doing in here? Get out!”
“What do you mean? I told you I would see you in 15 minutes. It’s been 15 minutes.”
“Fine, you would see me, not kiss me. What is wrong with you?” She rubs his saliva off her mouth. “I’m not that kind of girl. Get out or I will scream.”
“And just who do you think will come to your rescue? Everyone knows the plan, but you apparently,” he bluffs. “And just whom do you think you are talking to like that? I own you!” Randy walks over to the bed, lies down, and pats the side beckoning Janise, “Come here.”
“Sorry kid, you don’t own me and I’m not coming to you. Get up and leave or I will wake the whole house.”

Randy did not want her to scream. He wasn’t sure how he could convince her to spend some sexy time with him. She was feisty and it was a turn on. He knew he only had one night to be with her.
“Why are you being so mean? There are a lot of girls who would love to be with me,” he threatens.
“If that’s the case, go to them. Leave me alone. I really have no interest in you.”
Starting to get frustrated Randy said, “Would you rather work in the fields 14 hours a day? Yeah, maybe that will teach you how good it is to be here with me. I can also consider selling you off again. Nobody likes a stiff-necked slave.”

Slave. The most hated word in world history. It’s bad to be a slave, but it’s even worst when you forget you’re a slave. The thought of going to work in the fields wasn’t a problem. Being very physical Janise could handle hard work. The problem was the possibility of being sold away from Lomax. She despised him for even bringing the thought up.

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Janice-Marie: Smith said...

“Randy, sir” she pleaded, “I just want to play my harp and help out around the house without any other demands. I want a free spirit to live without compromising my body. If you truly care about me, you would allow me to be happy.”
“And what about me? Can I be happy? Seriously girl, what planet are you from? The coloreds have been slaves for hundreds of years. You act like this is something new. I know you aren’t a virgin. Come here and let me check you.” Randy walks to the dresser and picks up a towel.
Janise doesn’t like her odds. She is probably one step away from being whipped. She is determined to talk her way out of it.
“I don’t think I was bought here for you. It was for my music.”
“Aw Janise, don’t be so mean. Ok, let’s do it your way. I don’t want to go to my room yet. We can just talk.”
Oh good, he has finally come around. It doesn’t help that I am still naked in a bathtub. I must get him out of here and fast.
“Sure, talking is good. It will be much better knowing how I think and what my goals are in life. Do me a favor, turn around and let me get dressed.”
Randy turns his back to me.
I step out of the bathtub quickly and rush to the dressing wall. Randy grabs me and stuffs the towel in my mouth.
“Don’t say a word or I will break your neck. You’re going to love this and want more."

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