Review by Lisa Jack, 06/20/10

"Dream Zone is an excellent read. The stories were exciting and kept me wanting to read more and more. I loved how she made a difference in the lives of the people she encountered. We can all learn a thing or two from what Janise experienced."

Monday, August 9, 2010

DREAM ZONE - Newsletter #2

Welcome to the second edition
of the DREAM ZONE newsletter.

- DREAM ZONE makes a great gift!
- Check blog for video excerpt!
- Book Review - Giveaway winners!
- Book Club Registration Open!
- If I was casting the movie today …
- Raw Food Recipe - BAHINI


See detail in Comments.

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Janice-Marie: Smith said...

- DREAM ZONE makes a great gift
I am excited to say sales are still very good
and I appreciate everyone telling their friends
and family about the book. Remember,
DREAM ZONE is a great gift that last more
than a moment, compared to a movie or meal.

- Check blog for video excerpt!
Visit the blog to see me read Chapter 26
on video! Leave comments about your
thoughts when you read the chapter. Suggest
a chapter for me to read with commentary.

- Book Review – Giveaway winners!
Congratulations to Lisa Jack and Fafalove for
posting book reviews. They will receive a
t-shirt with the DREAM ZONE cover art.
Look for more contests from stories in the book
for your chance to win.

- Book Club Registration Open!
Register your book club now to receive big
discounts. Each member can purchase the book
for only $8. If 10 books are purchased, I
will come the first day of the reading and again
after the book is read for review and fellowship.

- “If I was casting the movie today …”
Check the blog for celebrity recommendation
to play the part if when the book is made into
a movie. Leave your thoughts!

- Raw Food Recipe - BAHINI
… pronounce like martini. Ba = bananas.
This drink is served at the gallery party
in Book Three – Terra … Serves 1.
Two bananas, 1 tablespoon honey,
1/8 cup sesame seeds, 1/8 cup water.
Blend together for 1 minute. Yummy!

Until next time - spread love!!
Stay in the ZONE. :D

Janice-Marie: Smith
Oklahoma City, OK
Email -